Responsive and Adaptive Mobile Web Design

Responsive and Adaptive Mobile Web Design

One design that adaptively responds to desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

A website shouldn’t require a redesign every time a new device becomes available. The solution is an adaptive and completely responsive mobile web design. Tablets and hand held devices have not just gained popularity but are now outselling desktops and laptops as most of us predicted. The time users are spending browsing the web on these devices are also on the rise. This means your ¬†company’s website needs to be responsive to all sorts of contemporary mobile devices.

Mobile Apps vs. Responsive Web Design

You don’t need a mobile app for web users to browse your website on a mobile device. Apps are great for mobile specific applications but not entirely a great idea for most business to business or business to consumer web users. Mobile apps are also expensive to develop and require that you not only maintain your website but your application as well, too much work if you ask me. ¬†A mobile web design will adaptively arrange content layout based on the devices screen size.

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