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Welcome to Northeast Web Design

Northeast Web Design is an evolutionary extension of Northeast Computer Service, LLC; an established IT firm servicing clients throughout greater Connecticut and the metropolitan areas of New York since 2001. Our web design studio is nestled amongst the majestic traditional white washed backdrop of Hebron, Connecticut. Our staff at Northeast Web Design has a fundamental belief that every business has the potential for success. Branding and marketing of your businesses products and services on the massive consumer market known as the internet is essential for greater profit margins. Our goal at Northeast Web Design is to help your company develop a resourceful marketing tool that ultimately brings you directly to your clients.

Our Commitment to Our Valued Clients

Northeast Web Design is proud to stand by the work we generate for our clients. This is accomplished by listening to our clients, adhering to deadlines, and providing affordable solutions.

Our staff focuses on a strong work ethic and implementation of best web practices. Our common belief is that there is always opportunity to learn and grow through the creative diversity of our client projects and consistent research of rapidly evolving technologies.

Our goal is to empower our clients with state of the art marketing tools that will enable them to be thought leaders within their respective industries.

Our Organized Approach to Client Projects

  • In order to produce a complete web site solution, Northeast Web Design implements a detailed and organized approach. The first step in creating the website is establishing the foundation on which we can build up to a better Internet solution.

  • This first step is our development of the business process flowchart. This document will detail the business process of your website. This could include e-commerce transactions or communication channels to your clients. It is based on the unique website needs of your company.

  • Once your needs are established, we create a project timeline will be utilized to outline the tasks and milestones of the project. With this timeline, you can better understand the process of creating a website and be directly involved in moving the project along.

  • The next step works more directly with the actual website setup. The conceptual site maps will outline the page-to-page parenting which dictates the website flow. It will show the navigation from one page to the next in the most logical format for your business in an easy to understand, one page visual.

  • From these visual site maps, a series of wire frames will be developed that will dictate page layouts to establish the aesthetics and functionality of each page.

  • After the site maps and wire frame are approved, we will help you to develop specific content so that your website will display not only all necessary information, but will be optimized for the best search engine results. These project proposal steps will be clearly presented to you.

  • Along with a detailed project proposal for the website, Northeast Web Design will provide several services and features that are paramount in assuring quality. To compliment this process, Northeast Web Design will employ detailed tracking of project to-do’s, time, additional resources and milestone completions. The quality of our development work is very important in maintaining our image as a dedicated and resourceful web development company.

  • Furthermore, to ensure that your standards are being meet, you will be directly involved in the development process. Through design and development sign-off’s, we require your acknowledgement and approval of our work.

  • You will also have access to secure intranet communications and project management tools that will allow you to better manage your website from development to updates. Our company includes the client in the process to better ensure that we accomplish tasks to your specifications.

  • Our company understands your particular marketing and communication needs for an Internet solution. The clarity of our process ensures that the project will meet all of your specific goals and allows you complete access to all aspects of your website. Northeast Web Design is committed to organization in order to produce deliverables in a professional and timely manner.