PHP Programming

PHP Applications Drive Ideas and Power Solutions

Make Your Site Completely Dynamic With PHP Programming

Northeast Web Design can provide all of your customized PHP programming needs. PHP is a server-side script used in creating dynamic web sites. Not only can PHP manipulate content on your pages but PHP also can send http headers, set cookies, manage authentication, and set redirects. PHP also integrates very well with databases and allows you to do many things from generating PDF documents to parsing XML code. Some wonderful examples of what PHP programming can do are Wikipedia, Facebook and Yahoo.

What Are The Advantages To PHP Programming?

PHP Programming Script makes it possible to integrate log-ins and other administrative properties.

PHP Scripting Language is often used to develop dynamic content in sites such as registration forms and other types of database properties.

PHP Programming runs on most platforms including but not limited to Linux, Unix, Windows, and Macintosh.

PHP Script is the most stable and limitless, in terms of customization, language out to date.