Web Hosting

Managed Professional Web Hosting

Completely Managed Web Hosting Solution Offerings in the Cloud.

The Fastest, Easiest Way to Host Sites on the Cloud: Cloud Sites is a load‐and‐go platform that scales with a customer’s traffic to keep their sites online. Unlimited Online Storage and CDN: Cloud Files provides customers with unlimited online storage for media. Combined with the Limelight Network’s content delivery service, we’re able to help deliver rich content fast! Custom Servers On‐Demand: Cloud Servers makes getting affordable compute easy. Customers can deploy new server instances instantly and for as long (or as little) as they need them. At any time, each cloud server can be resized to meet their current needs.

Customer Benefits

  • Reliability
  • Automatic/instant scalability
  • Order online/instant deployment via on‐line tools

Why Choose Managed Cloud Hosting with Northeast Web Design

  • Enterprise‐class infrastructure (pooled resources) ‐We have the people and the expertise to do it right
  • Get the resources you need the moment you need them
  • No need to worry about when it’s time to scale your infrastructure or the Digg effect
  • Be up and running in minutes
  • No need to plan for lead times
  • No hardware to manage or devices to configure
  • No need to deal with vendor negotiations, logistics, deployment, inventory control, support and disposal
  • Focus on your application, not real estate, hardware or the network
  • Utility pricing / standard rates
  • Pay only for the resources you actually use
  • Don’t pay for unused capacity to sit in the data center
  • We’ll go above and beyond to ensure that customers take full advantage of cloud technology and the network, the hardware and the virtualization layer are running properly; support available by phone.
  • Hybrid integrated configuration capabilities
  • All solutions under one roof