IDX Property Search

Integrate Multiple Listing Services for Your Agency's Website

Draw Feeds from Multiple Listing Services into Your Custom Real Estate Website

What is IDX?

IDX stands for Internet Data eXchange. It’s a way for consumers to search the online listings from Multiple Listing Services (MLSs). Consumers can see all the listings maintained by an MLS, not just those of the real estate professional’s website on which they are doing the search. Note that MLS listings are not generally available through common Internet search engines such as Google, Yahoo! and Bing, nor on real estate portals like Zillow and Trulia.

Why is it important?

As a realtor, IDX let’s you legally display all the listings of your fellow agents and brokers in an MLS to attract consumers to your website. Even if you have no current listings, IDX will bring consumers to your website, giving you the opportunity to engage them as potential buyers.

What does Northeast Web Design's IDX product do?

Northeast Web Design’s is legally licensed in hundreds of MLSs across the U.S. We aggregate the MLS data, organize and clean it, and make it available for searching on our clients’ websites. We also enable our clients to capture visitors to their websites as leads, communicate with these leads, tell them about new listings of interest, and ultimately convert them to buyers and sellers.

How do I get IDX on my website?

iHomefinder will facilitate approval of an IDX license from your MLS. We will then help your web designer to integrate Northeast Web Design’s IDX technology into your website.

How long will it take to get IDX on my website?

Generally, the longest and most important step is getting approval from your MLS to use IDX on your website. This may take a few days or longer, depending upon your MLS. The technical integration of iHomefinder IDX technology into your website can be done quickly.

Why should I use Northeast Web Design's IDX solution?

As a trusted IDX vendor, we serve thousands of active customers using our real estate property search and lead capture product. Our customers tell us that compared to competing solutions, Northeast Web Design’s IDX is MLS-compliant, is proven to have the best lead capture and conversion, is the easiest for consumers to use, has the fastest and most reliable search performance, has the broadest MLS coverage, and is the easiest to integrate into a website.

How much does Northeast Web Design's IDX and website development cost?

We provide a range of competitively-priced IDX packages suited for the different needs of independent agents, small brokers, and large brokers. Please call for specific prices or contact us so we can understand your exact requirements and provide you with a quotation.