Frequently Asked Questions

I’m interested in Northeast Web Design. Are there any initial consulting fees

There are no initial consultation fees.

How does my company get started building a website?

Northeast Web Design will provide an initial consultation to discuss all of the branding, aesthetics, content and functional requirements to design and develop your website. We can also provide access to DropBox to transfer and share content and images.

What are the fees associated with the project proposal and estimate?

The initial project proposal and estimate are entirely free. There is absolutely no reason not to inquire with Northeast Web Design if your company is interested in web development.

Once the project gets underway, how do I keep track of its progress?

Northeast Web Design provides an easy to understand project timeline that allows you to visualize the progress of the project and keep track of deadlines.

Does Northeast Web Design require an initial deposit?

We require 50% of the cost of the project as an initial deposit. In some cases where the project will last several weeks or months, we coordinate payment milestones based on a proposed agreement. The remaining balance is due upon the project’s completion.

How does my company keep in contact with Northeast Web Design?

You will be granted access to our Project Manager that you can access from any device with Internet access. There you will find message boards, calendars, downloadable files, etc. We are also available through e-mail and phone during regular business hours.

Can Northeast Web Design help my firm with business logic?

Northeast Web Design offers business logic consulting and development including company branding and creation of marketing strategies. Our business logic is laid out in a conceptual site map that outlines the flow of the site and wireframes that outline the template and functions of each page.

What is the importance of keyword research and analysis?

By researching keywords, our company can increase traffic to your site, target a specific audience and get you more quality leads. Northeast Web Design can provide comprehensive monthly reporting and suggest best business practices moving forward.

How can competitive business analysis help my company?

By researching your industry’s competitors, our staff can improve your company’s business strategy to help you gain a boost above your competition.

Does Northeast Web Design provide logo design and company branding?

Our company can help your company develop an identity. By using the information in the logo design questionnaire, we can provide a design consultation and engage you in a multistep process that will ultimately lead to a design that will satisfy all your business needs.

Does Northeast Web Design work with start-up companies?

Northeast Web Design has all the capabilities of helping out start-up companies. Strongly consider our business logic consulting and development as well as our logo design and company branding services, our staff has all the tools to help your business be competitive when you enter into the industry.

Does Northeast Web Design provide web site hosting?

Our company uses reliable dedicated servers that can host all of our CMS (Content Management Systems) installation sites. We can set up your web site domain, transfer domains, and set up email accounts. Our staff can even research your industry and determine the best domain name for your website.

Does Northeast Web Design provide backup for website hosting?

Our company provides both daily backups on our web server repositories and backups on off-site server repositories for all our client websites we manage with our web hosting maintenance agreements.

Why should my company consider content management system?

A CMS redefines aesthetics and functionality with dynamic pages and a growing amount of features and applications. No prior technical experience or software is required.

What are the benefits of utilizing static template design?

Northeast Web Design uses static template design as a way of showing our clients the aesthetics of their site before investing in the web development for the site. In this way, clients can be sure that their site will give the right look and feel for their company.

At what point will we be able to view our web site?

After the process of template integration into the CMS, you will be able to view the website as it is being developed prior to it being launched.

Does Northeast Web Design write content or edit content on websites?

If you need content written, our staff is trained not only in writing good content, but also in technical copyrighting which allows the content of your website to be search engine optimized, making the content more searchable.

We already have content on our old website. Who is responsible for transferring it over to the new site?

Northeast Web Design performs all the initial content migration. During our web development, your staff will be trained in how to use the CMS so that additional content can be added to your site.

Will I be able to modify the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) content of my site?

After CMS training, you will be able to modify your website titles, descriptions, and keywords in case your business or industry changes. Northeast Web Design also provides professional SEO packages that will assist your business in aggressively marketing online.

Will I be able to change images on my website?

Through the CMS, you will be able to update image galleries and upload and resize images under 2 MB each with no additional software required.

Can Northeast Web Design put an interactive map into our website?

Our company can integrate Google Maps into your website to help direct your customers to your business.

Can Northeast Web Design help with the E-commerce of my company?

Our company provides custom e-commerce solutions that are specialized to the needs of your specific business or industry. We can also integrate your site securely with, Paypal, PayPal Pro, Google Checkout and many more for your customer’s convenience.

How will my company know how to maintain our website after the development is done?

Northeast Web Design likes to empower our clients. We provide CMS training so that you will know how to use the backend of the site to update content. Also, our staff is always just one e-mail or phone call away. Our relationship continues beyond the web site development.

What are the advantages of a mailing list?

Mailing lists are useful tools to directly contact your consumers, providing information, like promotions and events. Visitors to your website can subscribe to your mailing list and we give you the tools to maintain your mailing list and import current lists as well.

What is a contact form?

Contact forms allow visitors of the site to submit leads, ask questions, and get in touch with your company directly. Our initial consultation is free so contact us today!